Thursday, July 22, 2010

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I got the links set up to everything so I am set with all of my online stuff. As I sit here and blog, I can see my dog blissfully sleeping on the couch, which he does a lot. He can sleep anywhere it seems, but never on the floor! I know I have spoiled him and that is why he does not listen when I call him like he did earlier today. I had to say his name "Mickey" probably 5-7 times before he finally came into the same room as me. Aaaaaahhhhhh to be so carefree, defiant, and bratty all at the same time! He just doesn't know how cushy his life is and in his dog-ness doesn't even care. I am so glad he isn't a kid, as I am sure my life would be rather stressful with all the rebellion going on. He is like a kid and I have let him and other dogs I have owned get by with more than I should. I have read the Ceasar Milan books and I am guilty of treating my dogs like people instead of animals and thus, suffering the consequences of my actions with the behavior issues. I know I only have myself to blame though.

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