Sunday, November 14, 2010

Craft Show

The show was a good experience for me to see how things work and need to be done.  That said, I did not do very well in sales, as I only sold one thing, and lost more money than I made.  This seems to be a recuring theme with my sales on and off-line and I know I am not a pro by any means and I want to stop this trend, as it is expensive!  I have the same questions each time, as in- How much is too much?  Will my things sell in this market, and if so what price range?  and etc. etc.  I have very little money and if I price things at a level I could afford, it seems too cheaply priced and I get very little interest in my items.  But, if I price according to my time, materials, any added expenses like gas, mileage, postage, etc.  that too seems to not work!  My sales on Etsy have not been very much and I thank God I don't have to live off of the profits because I would have been homeless a long time ago!   I love to create things and make my ideas into reality and I will continue to make things but I do say it is very discouraging!

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